Making the best of the holidays while abroad…

When I lived abroad one of the hardest things was being away from my family during the holiday.  It is never easy, especially when the holidays are a big thing, as they are with my family.  We have certain traditions, like most everyone.  Cookie baking, getting together, grandparents visiting…the list of things I would miss went on.  Even though I could skype with them, it was still hard.
If you should find yourself away from home during the holidays, my motto is turn a lonely situation into the best new experience ever.  Thanksgiving is even bigger for my family than Christmas in many ways.  I decided to invite my Spanish family over to my apartment for a Thanksgiving dinner.  This was the most amazing experience ever!  I made a traditional turkey breast and stuffing, and all my friends each brought some traditional Spanish dish, making for the best Thanksgiving ever!

I invited some friends over to bake traditional Christmas cookies, using our family recipe.

And finally, instead of staying around Madrid for Christmas, I decided to take a trip!  I spent Christmas and New Years in one of my favorite cities ever, London!  I took a number of side trips, to Bath, and even a private tour of Jane Austen’s Hampshire…but more on that later 🙂  Then went over to Norway to visit my cousins who lived in Stavanger.

Wherever this holiday season finds you, embrace it!  Happy New Year, gnomies!  May 2016 be the best year ever, filled with travels and lots of adventures.

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